Music can be the rawest expression of human emotion and the link between people. This is the idea that drives The Ty Faherty Band to write music that makes us feel. Taking the emotional drive of blues rock mixed with an ambient contemporary folk sound, their music seeks to impress upon us all that we’re not in this alone. We’re all taking part in the human experience. Love, pain, joy, and sadness are things that connect us. This band's mission is to help everyone to truly feel that through music. The Ty Faherty Band is an American Roots Rock band based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Formed in April of 2021, they released their debut EP “At The Outset” in January 2022 and have spent their time recording in the studio and gigging in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The Ty Faherty Band is currently working on their first full length album “Indigo Tales” which is tentatively set for release in late 2023.


Ty Faherty

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


Ron Brashear

Drums & Percussion


Kyle Bollendorf

Electric Guitar


Isaac Strader

Bass Guitar