Ron Brashear

Ron’s love for drumming started at an early age with a family full of musical talent.  His love of drumming started with middle school and high school band where he participated in concert and symphonic groups as well as in marching band.   He eventually found the love of drum kit as a freshman at NC State University where he played in multiple groups, at open mic nights and blues jams, as well as for the NC State pep band.   Throughout college, Ron was exposed to a variety of musical genres and quickly fell in love with the drumming styles of drummers like Neal Peart (Rush), Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Phil Collins (Genesis), Mickey Hart (Pink Floyd).   Ron’s musical journey took him through stents in cover bands, a Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute band, and a number of highly talented original groups including the Monica Jaymes Band and Ryan Kimrey & the Misfit Hymns.  

After relocating to Pennsylvania, Ron was fortunate to meet singer/songwriter Ty Faherty and the two of them instantly found magic in music.   Best known for a deep & dynamic groove, Ron focuses on providing the foundation and movement for tracks with much less focus on flash and flare.  His current favorite drummer is Steve Jordan who has played for a number of incredible musicians including John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, and most recently, The Rolling Stones. 

In addition to drumming, Ron has a deep passion for the record making process.   After a bad personal experience with a professional studio, he decided to take up study of the art of recording and mixing.   Recently he had the opportunity to take that knowledge and experience to a new level working directly with Grammy-award winning mixer John Paterno.    Those sessions with John have really helped develop Ron’s ear and abilities as a mixing engineer and producer and he has used those skills to record all of the original material for The Ty Faherty Band, including the band’s debut EP release “At the Outset”.

A link to Ron’s studio “SnareBuzz Studios” can be found below.
SnareBuzz Studios