Snippets from Our Studio Album

The band’s been really busy over the past year in the studio, crafting and recording over 18 original songs.  To date, the group have released 2 singles:  “What Have I Become" (Aug 2021) and “It Takes Two” (Dec 2021).   They are set to release their debut EP “At the Outset” which contains new releases “Down in Vegas” and “Outta My Head” in addition to the 2 previously released singles, on Jan 29th, 2022.   The group looks forward to promoting their original music and EP with live performances at local venues and festivals throughout 2022 and plan to release a full album later in the year.   We thought we’d share some early audio clips of our unreleased material here on Soundcloud!    We’re really excited about the way our sound is shaping up & can’t wait to get out and share that music with you at a live venue or festival soon!


“Demons” - LIVE

Our band thrives on the energy of a crowd and the ability to perform LIVE!  This video was taken from a live performance of our original song “Demons” at the SoundBank in Phoenixville, PA.  We love this song because it really allows us the opportunity to be spontaneous musically and to create and react to one another in a live setting…no two performances of this song are exactly alike, and we were pretty pleased with this recent performance and wanted to share!

“Down in Vegas” - LIVE

Another wonderful song “Vegas” from our recent performance at the SoundBank in Phoenixville.   “VEGAS” was written by our lead guitarist, Kyle Bollendorf, and features a fantastic story with the lyrics and some soaring guitar work through the solos.   We’re looking forward to releasing the studio version soon and hope you’ll enjoy this live version!

Writing Session

One of the things we love about our band is the fact that during our rehearsals is that in addition to reviewing songs that we intend to perform live, we typically find time to stay creative.   Sometimes that means exploring new ways to start/end our exisitng song lineup and sometimes that means writing a new song altogether.   We’ve already written 4 new songs together in our first month rehearsing as a group & that’s really quite exciting for us as a band!  Here’s a little sneak peak of that process from a recent rehearsal on a song called “I Need You”!