Ty Faherty Band Releases

The Ty Faherty Band has been actively releasing original music since 2021. To date, the group have released 3 singles:  “What Have I Become" (Aug 2021), “It Takes Two” (Dec 2021), and “Lay Down” (Nov 2022).   They released their debut EP “At the Outset” which contains new releases “Down in Vegas” and “Outta My Head” in addition to the 2 previously released singles, on Jan 29th, 2022. All of the band’s released material can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, and other digital media sources. We hope you’ll check it out & support our band!

The band continues to write and record and has a catalog of well over 18 original songs in various states of readiness. We’re sharing some of our early versions of not-yet-released material using our SoundCloud account which is also linked below. We’re really excited about the way our sound is shaping up & can’t wait to get out and share that music with you at a live venue or festival soon!

YTubeAmazon Music.jpeg

In-Store Performance @ Forever Changes!

We recently had the opportunity to perform live @ Forever Changes in Phoenixville in support of Record Store Day 2023!   This was a fantastic opportunity for the band to share a couple originals and a couple of our favorite covers in an all-acoustic format.   We had a blast performing there & hope you enjoy this side of The Ty Faherty Band!  Thanks Shawn & Forever Changes for hosting such an awesome event!


“Demons” - LIVE

Our band thrives on the energy of a crowd and the ability to perform LIVE!  This video was taken from a live performance of our original song “Demons” at the SoundBank in Phoenixville, PA.  We love this song because it really allows us the opportunity to be spontaneous musically and to create and react to one another in a live setting…no two performances of this song are exactly alike, and we were pretty pleased with this recent performance and wanted to share!

“Down in Vegas” - LIVE

Another wonderful song “Vegas” from our recent performance at the SoundBank in Phoenixville.   “VEGAS” was written by our lead guitarist, Kyle Bollendorf, and features a fantastic story with the lyrics and some soaring guitar work through the solos.   We’re looking forward to releasing the studio version soon and hope you’ll enjoy this live version!

“Not My Home” - LIVE from Battle of Blues

Here’s a live version of one of our favorite songs “Not My Home”.    This song always creates fantastic musical moments for each of us each time we perform it!   This performance comes from our recent participation in the International Blues Competition hosted by Steel City Blues Society!   We had a blast performing it, and while it wasn’t strictly true blues, the song draws a lot of inspiration from blues-based guitar licks, and haunting vocals.    We were thrilled that it was so well received that evening by those in attendance & hope you enjoy this performance!   Special thanks to 1AntirasDance who recorded and posted this one up on YouTube!